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Span galvanized and painted

Span galvanized and painted with a square-section:

     vertical dimensions 18 x 18 mm
     horizontal 40 x 20 x 1.5 mm

Complete with span are mounting a "C" or "L" .Przęsło is made using seamless pipes.

Enjoy the configurator fences, where you can choose different sizes of the gate. Then, the generated code to send to us. We enumerate the price.

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Span is offered in three heights: 1.20 m; 1.50 m and 1.70 m. Span width of 2 m. You can order a span of custom sizes and designs.

Span has:

The vertical elements are made of profiles with dimensions of 18 x 18 mm and secured at the top with plastic caps.
Horizontal profiles fastening constructional dimensions 40 x 20 mm, wall thickness 1.5 mm profile.

The distance between the rails is about 12 cm.

Warning! Complete with span are mounting a "C" or "L" (the description is in the "See Also").

Span has a raw finish to paint on their own by the customer.

There is also the possibility of turning square vertical profiles (ie. The rails).

Span galvanized and painted is made using seamless pipes. This solution reduces the risk of corrosion and provides the same to connect to each span, so that they are strong, even, smooth and aesthetic

We also invite you to place orders via the "contact us".

Our consultants are at your disposal from Monday to Friday 8: 00-16: 00 at the telephone number on the top of the screen.

Warning! The cost of transport depends on the distance to the place of delivery of the product. Please contact us to calculate the cost.

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