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Dexxo Pro 800 io (1 pilot Keytis 4 io)



  •      Dexxo Pro 800 io + necessary components for mounting
  •      1 pilot Keytis 4 io


The mounting kit includes:

  •      1 boom connection to the gate,
  •      1 gate block,
  •      1 hinged lintel block,
  •      4 ceiling brackets,
  •      Screws and fasteners.

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Safe, durable, easy-to-use drive for a variety of mounting configurations


Safety for the garage door
• Burglar lock
Durability and robustness of the execution, which will last the passage of time
• 5 years warranty
• Ability to work intensively and make up to 90,000 cycles
Universal range of available drive rails
• String, belt, rails with increased durability
Simple and fast programming
• Drive ready for operation no longer than 90 seconds
• All parameters are pre-programmed at the factory
• The LCD screen helps you in easy and safe programming
Wide selection of parameters by the user
• 15 adjustable parameters
• The ability to attach multiple devices for security and convenience
• Can be mounted in the emergency power supply in the form of a battery pack
• Optional external light source up to 500 W
Elements to help keep the drive in good condition
• Show current drive status
• Show the current malfunction code
• Access to data: cycle counter, list of errors, etc.
Support for the Tahoma or Connexoon system will allow io-homecontrol® technology to be used
• Compatible with all Somfy products made with io technology
• Each bi-directional transmitter receives a feedback signal from the controlled object
• Joining the TaHoma® system allows remote control and control of the position at which the gate is currently located.


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