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Elixo 500 3S io EE pack

Reliable, durable and quiet drive for sliding gates


  • Elixo 500 3S Drive (with 3S)
  • One 4-channel Keygo remote control,
  • Set of photocells

Compatible with all Somfy products in io technology

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Advantages of the product

The drive supports doors up to 8m and 500kg


Easy to install
- Easy access from the top to the mounting screws to the ground

Central 3S
- Quick and secure installation
- There is no need to set parameters during installation
- Ready to take off in 2 minutes
- All settings are pre-programmed
- Intuitive installation and setting
. Built-in screen
. View information about each stage of programming
- The ability to attach multiple accessories
. The accessories are connected with colored plugs to the socket in the color of the plug.

Easy maintenance
- Display the current status of the drive
- Counter openings and closures

Reliability and durability
- Mechanical and electronic components manufactured on the basis of Somfy's many years of experience
Intended for individual use and tested for 55,000 openings and closures
- Sluggish release of door movement increases its durability

Convenient use
- Quick opening of 3 meters in 15 seconds
- Possibility to unlock the key from the inside

Io homecontrol® technology
- Compatibility with all Somfy products in io technology
- Feedback signal for all 2-way pilots
- Remote control and control by TaHoma system

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