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Double leaf gates basic

Gate STANDARD double-leaf hinged gate raw (without painting) is made using seamless pipes. This solution reduces the risk of corrosion and provides the same to connect to each span, so that they are durable and aesthetically pleasing.


  •      Gate STANDARD double-leaf
  •      Ixengo L 3S io - 24V from Somfy
  •      2 Keygo 4-channel remote controls,
  •      lamp,
  •      Set of photocells,
  •      battery

Enjoy the configurator fences, where you can choose different sizes of the gate. Then the generated code to send to us. We enumerate the price.

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Przelewy 24
Przelewy 24

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Gateway is available in three heights: 1.20 m; 1.50 m and 1.70 m. The width of the gate is 4m (2 x 2m). You can order the gates of custom sizes and designs.

Gateway has:

The vertical elements are made of profiles of square section 18 x 18 mm and secured at the top with plastic caps.
Four (2 × 2) vertical stiffener 40 x 40, at a wall thickness of 2 mm profile,
Horizontal profiles fastening constructional dimensions 40 x 20 mm, wall thickness 1.5 mm profile.

Vertical distance between the rails about 12 cm.

Warning! The set does not have the side posts, hinges, door handles, inserts and castle. These additives can be ordered by opening the "See also".

The gate has a raw finish to paint on their own by the customer.

There is also the possibility of turning square vertical profiles (ie. The rails), which gives them a unique look and feel.

Powerful, easy to operate and safe drive for large metal doors

Power and endurance

Lets open wings up to 4 m in length and weigh up to 400 kg
Works freely for up to 60 cycles a day
Gently closes the wing gate


Ease of use and flexibility

Simple installation does not require special tools or welding
Built-in adjustable brackets fit the drive to each door
For single leaf doors, one drive is enough

Specially designed mechanism provides very high resistance to strong wind pressure and other forces
Using the key makes it easy to unlock and open the door


Io-homecontrol® technology

Works with all Somfy products made using io technology
The TaHoma® system allows remote control and control of the position at which the gate is currently located
Each bi-directional transmitter receives a feedback signal from the controlled object


Suitable for use with solar power systems, in case of installation in areas difficult to access power supply


3S Panel: quick installation, the ability to set operating parameters, intuitive operation


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